If your school hasn’t yet added Kids Like Languages classes, you can ask them to do so.

First, the school principal and/or parent organization chooses to host Kids Like Languages in their school. Next, they determine which languages will be offered and the days, times and room in which the classes will be held. Finally, Kids Like Languages manages all enrollment directly with parents and provides instructors, curriculum, and materials.

Parents have been successful by gathering a group of parents interested in adding language classes, then worked with their PTA and school administrators.

For assistance, please contact Kids Program Director Claudia Andrade for assistance. Phone: 503.658.1980.


What parents can do

1. A parent (or group of parents) contacts the Principal or PTA Director, explains their interest in language classes, tells them about Kids Like Languages, refers them to this website, and provides the phone number for Program Director Claudia Andrade, 503.658.1980

2. Parent phones Claudia Andrade at 503.658.1980 and discusses their meeting with the Principal or PTA Director

3. Claudia contacts the Principal or PTA Director to schedule an in-person or phone meeting. 

4. The Principal or PTA Director approves Kids Like Languages classes at the school.

5. Kids Like Languages begins the process of obtaining permits and preparing a class schedule flyer for distribution to parents.

6. Registration begins in September, December and April.