Schools provide classrooms. Parents enroll children, pay feesWe teach languages and culture.



During the 2014-2015 school year, Kids Like Languages taught 150 classes in 58 schools to 2,950 students. We also provided private tutoring in 14 groups.

Elementary and middle schools in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties have been hosting Kids Like Languages classes since 1996. We offer educationally-sound language classes while minimizing our impact on the school and its staff.


We offer language instruction in four formats

1. Before and After-school language classes held in public and private elementary and middle schools, usually on a weekly basis.

2. Language classes held during the school day schedule in public and private elementary and middle schools.

3. Language classes held in home school settings, Montessori schools and pre-schools.

4. Private language tutoring for individuals, families or small groups.


How public and private schools partner with us

• Each school principal and/or parent organization determines which languages will be offered and the days, times and locations the classes will be held.

• Before or After-school classes begin in the Fall, or in January, and run through April or May. Each class lasts approximately 50 minutes.

• Enrollment fee is $325 per student for 25 lessons, $280 per student for 20 lessons, $225 per student for 15 lessons, or $160 per student for 10 lessons. Fees are less per class when classes are held two or three times per week (and more per class if the classroom is smaller than 10?).

• If schools request, Kids Like Languages also provides teachers and curriculum for daily classes during the school day for Grades K-8.

• We provide each school with a custom enrollment flyer to be sent home with the students. These flyers are most effective in recruiting students when sent home in the first day school packet or with the principal’s newsletter.

• Schools are not involved with the enrollment process. Parents enrolling their children in a language class return the enrollment form directly to the Kids Like Languages office.

• Schools determine the classes they want and reserve classroom space for Kids Like Languages instructors to provide classroom instruction.


Classroom Structure 

Class size is a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 20. Preschool, elementary and middle school classes are available. Classes are formed with students in compatible age and language experience groups. Classes are held in the preschool, elementary and middle school facilities.


Classroom Instructors

Kids Like Languages instructors bring these abilities, skills, and knowledge to their work:

• Vitality and enthusiasm when working with students.

• Firm and fair classroom management skills.

• Fluency of the target language, and cultural knowledge of the countries of the language being studied.

• Teach through drama, art, music, games, everyday situations, gestures and repetition.

Most of our instructors are native to the language and culture they teach. Some are formally trained as educators. All receive Kids Like Languages training. 

Kids Like Languages instructors pass a background check administered by the Oregon Department of Education, Transportation Section. This is the same background check performed on school bus drivers, food preparers, parent volunteers and other school staff.


Determining class schedule

School principals and parent groups usually determine which languages will be taught. Kids Like Languages regularly teaches Spanish, French, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese and German. We also provide classes in ASL (American Sign Language) and other languages upon request. The day and time classes are held is based on the availability of the school’s classrooms and Kids Like Languages’ teachers.


How parents enroll their children

• Kids Like Languages arranges with a school to offer a language class on a contractual basis.

• We provide an enrollment flyer that is sent home with students. The flyer usually goes home in a school packet or with a principal letter. Parents can also opt to print an enrollment flyer from the Kids Like Languages website.

• Parents complete the enrollment form, write a check payable to Kids Like Languages for the enrollment fee, and mail the form and check to Kids Like Languages.( we could explain Online enrollment – good idea)

• In the Beaverton Schools District, Kids Like Languages offers some after-school classes. After-school class providers are limited to having enrollment flyers on a community table or display at each school. Please look for the Kids Like Languages flyer.

• Once the class has been set up, Kids Like Languages phones, emails or mails an enrollment confirmation to each student.


Kids Like Languages is fully insured

To satisfy school district requirements, Kids Like Languages carries a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy, and signs a building use contract with the district.